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Meet Chrissy Joy and Beasley – at the Pet Expo.

Chrissy, DMWYD Certified Trick Dog Instructor, Canine Conditioning Coach, has devoted her life to improving the lives of animals around her and thoroughly enjoying the outdoors. A graduate from Delaware Valley College with a Bachelor of Science in Equine Studies, she has a diverse and extensive track for working with animals.  Her work began with horses – competing and training from the novice to upper levels in several different disciplines including Hunter/Jumper and Dressage. Chrissy has also lived all over the United States from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Texas, to Washington State! She currently resides in Southern Maryland and divides her time between several different jobs.

Her passion for training her Ibizan-mix rescue, Beasley, has only grown exponentially as they have explored the various sports and interests of the canine industry. Out of all of the canine sports, agility and tricks are her favorite. From training horses in the show ring for hunter/jumpers and dressage, she enjoys incorporating her training to bring new and unique exercises that benefit both dogs and handlers for success. She believes strengthening your dog from the ground up, including innovative exercises and theories. At the end of the day, she truly believes in getting outside with your dog and trying new things.

Other than training horses and dogs, Chrissy enjoys hiking new parks, photography, and trick training her Titled Champion Trick Dog, Beasley. Beasley and Chrissy have hiked over 40 miles up 10,000 feet at Mt Rainier National Park! She is also owns Bountiful Hound, a pet photography and dog product review business. She enjoys capturing the spirit of each animal and uses her training skills to get that perfect moment. Reference: www.bountifulhound.com

Did you know Chrissy has been in several TV shows, commercials, and movies?  Chrissy is a SAG-AFTRA actress who has appeared in several TV shows including Gossip Girl, 30 Rock, The Good Wife, Damages, and the Rachael Ray show.  She has appeared on national commercials and has even worked closely with A-list actors such as Robert DeNiro and Bradley Cooper. She has even performed live on stage with over 10,000 attendees in the audience – proving her capabilities both on set and live performances.

Using her talent from being on set, she has begun the BFF Talent Group – which is a strong roster of dogs available for production work.  They work closely with one of the best animal talent agencies in the business, Pawsitively Famous Animal Actors and others, to link casting calls with well-trained dogs of the Maryland area. Since beginning the BTG in summer of 2017, they have already worked with top names of the industry including The Walt Disney Company, Home Depot, Puppy Bowl, Chewy, and more.

Good Beasley

Good Beasley was a rescue from a litter of 14 puppies from Homeward Bound Animal Rescue in Pennsylvania. His early training including lots of outdoor hiking and basic obedience. Chrissy and Beasley got their start at BFF Pet Services when Beasley was just 3 months old.  They began as clients, but the BFF staff quickly saw their potential.  Within the next two years, Chrissy was advanced to a BFF Trainer and Beasley earned his Champion Trick Dog Title – the first dog of BFF to earn this title. Today he has many awards behind his name, including AKC Performer Title (highest AKC trick title), Champion Trick Dog, Canine Good Citizen + Urban, both agility and rally titles, and more.

Beasley was diagnosed with IBD which nearly took his life when he was just under a year old. He was unable to keep food down and his illness became magnified with weakness, lethargic, dehydration, and vomiting.  With extensive testing, including endoscopy and multiple tests, he was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease – a condition that causes his GI tract to flare up and attack itself.  He currently lives on a low-dose steroid to keep him at his best. Although this has the potential to shorten his life, Chrissy and her husband believe that he should have the best quality of life over quantity.  Beasley deserves to enjoy his life to the fullest and feel the best that is possible!

Beasley has changed Chrissy’s life for the better. Chrissy has suffered a long history of anxiety and depression which has caused her many years of struggle and challenges in her life.  When she adopted Beasley, it was at a very difficult time in her life.  Beasley has since then turned her life around – allowing her to find her passion in dog training and helping her get out of bed each and every day.  Together they have become an unstoppable force to inspire others. Their ultimate goal (through their tricks, classes, live performances, and work on set) is to inspire others to get out there, tackle those challenges, and believe in yourself. Also to create that everlasting bond with your dog and have fun! Find your “Good Beasley” in your life.

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