From the induction of Amazing Pet Expos in 2010, producing six annual pet expos, to the introduction of Incredible Pet Cons in 2017, our organization has evolved into an industry-altering event production team with 178 consumer pet events under our belt. In 2018, we have announced a touring of 5k Pup Runs throughout the nation in addition to our Pet Expos and Pet Cons. In combining our works under one umbrella, our brands are now incorporated into Pet Event Pros. With this new restructuring, we are implementing a steadfast customer service policy.


At Pet Event Pros, our first priority is to deliver the highest quality assistance to our partners and the public. We are committed to making your experience with us the finest that it can be. We recognize that a reputation for excellence must be earned every day; as a result, we have created and implemented our Four Paw Customer Service Promise:

Our pledge is to be available to our customers. Members of our staff can be reached by phone, email, Facebook Messenger, website instant chat, and contact form. Our goal is to have you talk to a person instead of a recording as often as possible. We assure that you will speak directly with an team member, who will identify themselves and courteously assist you in reaching the person you are calling. We will return your phone calls and messages promptly; our goal is to respond within the same day, although we do experience heavy call and message volumes at times. Each Pet Event Pros representative will promptly provide you with their direct contact information so you may reach them easily should you be disconnected or have follow up questions at a later time. If a Pet Expo employee is not available you will be provided with an alternative contact who may assist you.

Our employees go through universal trainings and ongoing education to ensure that more than one person may assist with and respond to your inquiry on any given issue. We are committed to listening to your goals and objectives and responding to your needs in order to best fulfill your company’s return on investment. We will provide you with appropriate recommendations based upon your company’s needs and our experience in executing successful Pet Events.

Our account representatives will provide ongoing review and service to your account and are committed to being there whenever you may need additional assistance. From start to finish, our account representatives are ready and available to provide assistance with anything you are experiencing with your account.

Our accounting department will answer your billing questions promptly and provide a receipt or invoice summarizing each of your transactions. Everyone at Pet Event Pros is committed to delivering the highest quality in client service and value. We will continue to train everyone in our firm to deliver excellent, informative and timely service.

We will immediately address any client service issues that come up. We value and appreciate each client’s unique feedback and input and invite our customers to share their experiences with us. We take customer feedback very seriously and ensure we will review and address any updates as needed.


We strive to improve the pet service industry by supporting it at the community level. Our events across the USA offer opportunities for pet-related businesses to expand their clientele and increase market impressions; they serve as a venue for fundraising, adoption, and recruitment for non-profit animal rescues and shelters; and they move the local communities to get involved in animal welfare causes, educate themselves on pet care, inspire them to support the Adopt, Don’t Shop movement, and support local pet products and services.